Quality Water Heaters in Glencoe, IL

How does an electric water heater work? Using heating elements, the heater brings cold water into the dip tube. As the hot water rises inside the tank, it moves through the heat-out pipe and flows to each part of your home. An electric water heater, of course, has plenty of parts that may fail over time. This includes the thermostat, the drain valve, the temperature and pressure relief valve, or even the anode rod.

It’s important to have your water heater regularly maintained by professionals who are the best in the business. You may not be able to flush out the sediments from your tank every year properly, nor can you test your pressure relief valve on a regular basis. It can also be difficult to change your anode rod by yourself. Bratschi Plumbing’s Water Heaters in Glencoe, IL can provide fast, efficient, professional, and highly trained expert plumbers upon setting an appointment. We’ll show up at your doorstep and diagnose problems promptly. Our experts will not only offer upfront costs, but we’ll also lay out all of the options for you.

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